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What Is The First Country In The World Where Christianity Was Proclaimed A State Religion?

According to tradition, after the Pentecost (Acts, 2: 1Ч2), the apostles St. Thaddeus and St. Bartholomew brought the light of the Gospel to Armenia Ч the biblical "Land of Ararat" (II Kings, 19: 37), to illuminate The house of Togarmah" (Ezekiel, 27: 14).

St. Thaddeus and St. Bartholomew are called "the first illuminators of Armenia".

The conversion of the whole people of Armenia to Christianity took place at the beginning of the IV century, thanks to the preachings of the second iilimiinator of the Armenians, St. Grigor Parthe, under the reign of King Tiridates III Arshakouni (297Ч330).

Armenia is the first country in the world where, in 301 A.D., Christianity was proclaimed a state religion.

The church, founded by apostolic preaching and strengthened by their martyrdom, is called "The Armenian Apostolic Holy Church".

Inspired by a vision in which the Only Begotten Son, Christ, descending to the town of Vagharshapat with a golden hammer in hand, had shown him the site and architectural form of the first Christian church, St. Grigor the Illuminator, founded in 301 A.D. the present-day Mother Church, the Holy Echmiadzin, which has ever since become the hierarchical centre of the Armenian Church.

The Armenian Apostolic Church belongs to the group of ancient Eastern Churches. It has historically come into being, has developed and has been organized as an independent and autocephalous church.

The Armenian Church, as one of the earliest Apostolic Churches in the East, bases its doctrine on the Bible, on Tradition and on the canons of the first three Ecumenical Councils.

In the matter of Christology, the Armenian Church accepts the Ephesian or Cyrillian doctrine, formulated as One nature in Incarnate Christ".

The Armenian Apostolic Church accepts seven sacraments: Baptism, Confirmation, Penitence, Eucharist, Ordination, Matrimony and the Rite for the Sick.

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