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The Hierarchy of the Armenian Church and Her Present State

The head of the Armenian Apostolic Church is the Catholicos of all Armenians in Echmiadzin. He is elected by the National-Ecclesiastical Assembly held in the Cathedral ot Holy Echmiadzin by secret ballot and is enthroned for life.

The Armenian Apostolic Church has three historically established local hierarchical sees, which are under the spiritual rule of the Catho-licosate of All Armenians of Holy Echmiadzin.

These are:

- The Catholicossal See of Cilicla In Lebanon, founded in Cilicia in 1446 and moved to Antilias, Lebanon, in 1930.
- The Apostolic Patriarchal See of Armenians in Holy Jerusalem.
- The Patriarchal See of Armenians in Constantinople, founded in 1463.

The dioceses of the Armenian Apostolic Church are:

In Armenia and throughout the Commonwealth of Independent States (former Soviet Unions):

1. Diocese of Ararat,
2. Diocese of Shirak,
3. Diocese of Georgia,
4. Diocese of Azerbaijan,
5. Diocese of New Nakhichevan and Northern Caucasus.


6. The three dioceses of Iran: Tabriz, Teheran and Ispahan,
7. Diocese of India and the Far East,
8. Diocese ot Irak,
9. Diocese of Egypt (Ethiopia and Sudan included),
10. Diocese of Greece,
11. Diocese of Bulgaria,
12. Diocese of Rumania,
13. Diocese of Western Europe (with Paris as centre),
14. Diocese of the United States of America (Canada included, with New York as centre),
15. Diocese of California (Mexico included, with Los Angeles as centre),
16. Diocese of the Armenians in South America (Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay, Chili, Venezuela).

The Dioceses of Lebanon, Syria and Cyprus are subject to the See of Cilicia.

The Dioceses of Jordan and Israel are subject to the Armenian Patriarchal See of Jerusalem. The churches in Turkey are subject to the Patriarchal See of Constantinople.

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